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Imagination Is: All About Rebranding

These are the original sketches. Can you find the first attempts at our new logos?

Imagination Branding has been in business for 29 years, so the decision to update our brand identity did not come lightly. How could we move away from something that has been our mark for so long? Being in the branding/marketing industry, we understand the importance of presenting a consistent style to leave an imprint in consumer’s minds. With that said, it was time for a fresh new look. Our website was also in need of a style upgrade, as well as a more user-friendly design. In order to bring our visual identity back to a more unified style, we set out to revamp our visual identity and website.

Our new logos still include our original colors, red and black, but now includes a bright pop of teal. The “I” symbol was a big part of our previous logo and it still appears subtly within our new horizontal

layout (it is an “I” lying on its side). The black lines are reminiscent of a stamp or branding iron, which is a slight play on the word “branding.” What we call our "vertical circle layout" was created to allow more options when it comes to printing in imprint areas of all shapes and sizes.

The website now uses larger and more dynamic photos to promote our capabilities, from promotional products to online stores. More information about our services and clients we've worked with has been added to showcase Imagination’s status as an industry leader. In addition, our renewed brand identity is proudly showcased throughout.

The path to redesign was more than a cosmetic choice. It is a part of our commitment to superior service. Our mission statement has remained the same: “First we will be the best, then we will be the first.” Our redesign reflects our mission through our journey of growth and fresh ideas.

We hope you like it!

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