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Why Dimensional Advertising Is Crucial

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Did you know that all forms of marketing can work as long as you practice dimensional advertising? Whatever path you choose—skywriting, billboards, TV, radio, the internet—your method will work if you approach it correctly. All too often, business owners hear that a certain marketing tactic worked for one company so they try it out for a week, treating it like a one-hit wonder, and expect to see results. If you tried this method and didn’t get the attention you hoped for, it’s because you were practicing one-dimensional advertising.

The simple fact is that consumers today need to be exposed to your brand at least 7 to 9 times in a credible setting before they will buy from you. Therefore, in order for your dimensional advertising to go according to plan, you need to follow these steps:

Establish a Two-Step Marketing Campaign

If your company sells low-cost, transactional items, you can skip this step. For companies offering services or high-price items, this is an effective way to generate leads.

Step one is to offer something of value for free. Examples include a free report, a trial offer, or other low-risk offer. Customers who are interested must provide their contact information to gain access to the offer.

Step two is to follow-up. With the contact information of these leads, you can create an email campaign or other method of keeping in touch and educating them on everything your company offers. Your tantalizing messages should result in many of your leads becoming paying customers.

Use More Than One Marketing Tool

Networking is cost-effective but takes a lot of time. Other marketing tools cost more, but take less time to promote. Your goal is to find a balance between time and money and use marketing tools to help you find this balance. Examples of tools include free offers, newsletters, and branded gifts. Some overlooked but highly effective tools include referral strategies, public speaking, and writing. These are inexpensive ways to boost your credibility tremendously.

Be Consistent

Your new marketing efforts are like a large boulder. It may take a huge amount of effort to get it rolling, but once in motion, the boulder can be a powerful, unstoppable force! Put as much money as you can afford into your monthly dimensional advertising efforts and be consistent. Don’t succumb to the fashionable marketing idea of the week. Choose your approach and stick with it to see the success you so desire!

Visit Imagination Branding today to look at our wide selection of promotional products you can personalize and use as part of your dimensional advertising campaign.

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