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Tradeshow Necessities Series: Week 3 – Giveaways

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We’ve discussed how to get people to your booth at a tradeshow using tables, backdrops and signage. But now that you’ve got people in your booth, you’ve got to make sure they remember you when they walk away. You know what we’re talking about – GIVEAWAYS!

Everyone has a pen or chap stick they’ve received at a tradeshow. While those are great giveaways, we think it makes more sense to give a more unique gift so event attendees not only take your giveaway, but will allow them to remember your company down the road. (It’s also worth taking note that according to this PPAI study, 35% of people use promotional products for contact information.)

According to the same PPAI study, 82% of people own 1-10 promotional products and 81% of those people said they keep the items that are useful. That said, instead of putting a bowl of mints out try using some of the ideas below to keep event attendees’ attention even after they leave the tradeshow.

Reach Their Kids

Many people at a tradeshow are traveling from out of town. As soon as they walk in the door at home, their kids are going to be desperate to find out what surprises mom or dad brought back for them. Hand out an item their kids will love and they’ll love you too! With so many kids having their own cell phones, iPods and tablets, headphones would be great for a child of almost any age. What about a selfie stick the whole family will love? You could also hand out a puzzle with your contact info on it or perhaps a plush animal of some kind. Grab their attention and draw them in.

Travel Accessories

As we said earlier, many people travel to tradeshows. Especially in a business setting, many bags and pieces of luggage look alike. These Whizzie Spotter Ties are a great way to combat that issue for event attendees, while still getting your information into their hands. These Whizzies can be attached to luggage and backpacks, and can also be used to organize tech cords and more! There are many different shapes available as well. This is a very inexpensive tradeshow giveaway that has a tremendous impact.

Special & VIP Customers

When you’re having a conversation with a customer you think might be a great potential client or someone who already does great business with you but has potential for more, it’s nice to have a special item to give them and make them feel like a VIP. A power bank for their cell phone or tablet would be a great way to stay in their minds while keeping them charged up. This digital luggage scale is another great item that comes in handy for business trips and personal trips alike. Event attendees will likely keep this around for a long time because it’s so useful! If you’d like to stay at a lower price point, consider a nice notebook or bag.

Seasonally or Regionally Appropriate

Consider the weather in the area of the tradeshow. Is it hot? Hand out a personal fan with your company logo on it. Is it cold? Hand out an insulated mug to keep coffee nice and hot. Are you near the beach? Maybe a towel or sunscreen would be a nice giveaway. If appropriate, sunglasses are always fun.

There are so many things competing for attention at a tradeshow, it’s important to keep things fresh and exciting so event attendees are listening to what you have to say. Let us help you outfit your booth, maximize event space and find the perfect giveaways for your next tradeshow. All it takes to stand out from the crowd is a little Imagination!!

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To read Part One and Two of our Tradeshow Necessities Series, visit our blog!

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