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The Explanation of Which Kind of Tech to Use in Promotional Jackets to Warm Bodies & Clients Up

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We can all agree that last winter was COLD. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climatic Data Center (try saying that 5 times fast!) reports that for the contiguous U.S., the average temperature (31.1* F) was lower than the 20th century average.

As always, there are outliers in every set of data. California had its warmest winter on record, along with Florida and Arizona who both experienced record warm winters. And while some of us were bundling from head to toe and those on the coasts were heading to the beach, the contiguous U.S. had its ninth driest winter on record.

In this post, I will show examples of how the use of promotional jackets and the technology involved can help not only keep you warm, but warm your potential and current clients up to your brand.

I’m not in Kansas (or California) anymore

Born and raised in California, I struggled through the record lows in Nashville. I grew up in the Bay Area, where it does in fact get “cold” (50*) and it even rains. Until last winter, there hadn’t been such extreme weather since I moved to Nashville four years ago. Imagine the harsh reality I faced when my plane from California landed in Nashville last January. I remember one day it was 7* with a wind chill of -19*…YES. SEVEN!!! And I still had to make the 10-15 minute walk to class!! I thought I’d freeze before making it to my destination.

Now that I’ve survived a winter that felt like living in Queen Elsa’s castle in the movie Frozen, I know how to be better prepared. There is one jacket I wore most of the time last winter and I quickly learned its downfalls – it was cute, but didn’t keep me warm like I needed. As winter is approaching, I’m shopping for the perfect jacket to keep me warmer this winter, which is perfect because Imagination has been getting ready for winter too!!

Promotional Jackets Technology (Yes – that’s a real thing!)

What I didn’t know before joining the Imagination team is how many options are available when shopping for jackets (heat reflective technology, moisture wicking, storm cuffs and more). There’s actually a name for the way jackets can be categorized: Unique Thermal Komfort (UTK – yes…Komfort with a K!).

There are four UTK levels available, ranging from mild to glacial weather. Understanding these levels and the other jacket technology is extremely important when planning what promotional jackets promotional products t use.

Obviously, since I was so cold last winter, I thought I needed a jacket at the UTK 4 level, which is for glacial weather. In reality, I probably only needed UTK 2 (cold weather). When I’m in California, I always keep a jacket with me in case of an impromptu night trip to the beach for a bonfire or it starts raining. I almost always need just a UTK 1 because it’s cold or windy, but it’s mild. My brothers live in Sacramento, about an hour from the snow, so they each need a warmer jacket, probably UTK 2.

Let’s Break It Down The Application of Promotional Jackets

So what do all of these levels mean? Why should you care when deciding on promotional jackets for clients or employees? Let me break it down a little more with a few examples so you can determine the perfect jacket for your specific need (that t-shirt you gave out in the spring is going to be covered up by something…might as well be your logo on a jacket, right!?). How much jacket technology is right for you?

UTK 1 – Mild/Cool Weather (45*F to 7*F)

In regions where winter is more mild (California, Arizona, Florida), this is likely all you need. It’s also perfect for the months leading into the winter for the rest of the country. If you have clients or employees all over the country or world, this is perfect. It’s warm enough for the cooler regions, but not too warm for the warmer regions. This jacket (pictured) has a chin guard, lined pockets and a thermal retention shockcord at the hem to keep heat in, and cold out. Your company logo would look great on this jacket! Let us show you some of the latest decorating techniques and locations.

UTK 2 – Cold Weather (38*F to -6*F)

This jacket is perfect for an extra cold day and the coldest part of winter in many regions. In Nashville (and many other parts of the country), this will work for most people. It will keep you warm in temperatures as low as -6*!!!

Now let’s show you examples of the final two stages of the Unique Thermal Komfort scale for colder temperatures so you pick the appropriate promotional jackets for your clients.

UTK 3 – Extreme Weather (31*F to -16*F)

UTK 4 – Glacial Weather (21*F to -32*F)

Of course, both UTK 3 and UTK 4 are for more extreme weather conditions. However, as you and your employees may know, weather may not be the only reason a jacket is necessary. An employee’s job may require a jacket too! Here are some jobs, events and activities that may require someone to wear promotional jackets (which can have YOUR company logo on it and be seen thousands of times!):

  • Restaurant employees (Restaurants take inventory of their frozen and deep frozen items often!)

  • Loading dock employees

  • Airport employees (Have you seen the people who direct the planes? They’re ALWAYS bundled up – especially in the winter!)

  • Swim coach or swimmers (It gets cold on the pool deck in the mornings!)

  • Valet

  • Bridge Toll Cashiers

  • Security

  • Snow sports (snowboarding, skiing, tubing, etc.)

  • Outdoor sporting events

  • Black Friday shopping (People standing outside in the cold for hours waiting for the perfect sale DEFINITELY need a jacket!)

  • And so many more!

No matter what the job, activity or event, make sure you, your employees and your clients are warm this winter with a branded jacket! Imagination would love to help you find the best jacket to fit your company and weather needs and to make your logo look great on your clients and employees! Visit and let us help!

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