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Staying Top Of Mind to Die Hard Corporate Professionals during the College Basketball Season

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The timer is getting low and it’s down to the final, most important moments in the game. Just a few action packed moments later, an entire stadium of people erupts in cheers. They’re screaming, waving their school “swag” in the air and celebrating the victory. That’s right – it’s college basketball season!!! For college athletes, this means hours of practice, endless travel, and constantly missing class. For fans, it means pulling out those t-shirts and foam fingers and relentlessly supporting their team (Go Bruins!). Yet, for corporate America and those of us trying to promote our brand it means endless opportunity.

When I was in undergrad, it seemed like every event promised a free t-shirt or school “swag” of some kind. Because these free items attracted more attendees, my school made a habit of passing out promotional products. I got things like rally rags, keychains, wearable claws, and sunglasses. Just this weekend I found a keychain I got at a basketball tailgate. The space on these products is prime real estate to get your company logo out there!

Many people attending these games and events are either die-hard fans or students at the university. They always appreciate another t-shirt with their team’s logo so they can add another shirt to their game-day rotation or so they can show their spirit at the gym or running errands. Keychains are great to give out, too. This basketball stress-reliever keychain is a great way to get your business in front of people while it gets squeezed during an intense game. When a university alum puts this on his keys, he’s going to see it every time he gets in his car, goes in or out of the house, swipes his gym card, etc.. That’s a lot of impressions! That doesn’t even take into account the people who will see it in his hands.

Thinking of something more practical for use during the game? Great idea!!! Many college basketball games are televised so people around the country can watch the game from home. If you give out foam fingers or rally rags with your logo next to the team’s, think of how many impressions you’ll get from people in the stands and at home!

You could also go a more engaging route. Homecoming is one of the biggest games for most schools, behind the rivalry game. There are always game-related events where the school passes out “swag” to students, alumni and fans. I always attended our university tailgate and bonfire because I loved participating in school events. However, I know a lot of people who would go for the free stuff and leave immediately. Although that’s not what our Student Activities office had in mind, it’s perfect for getting your brand out there! Get the free stuff into the hands of the students! Consider providing one of these fun megaphones at a tailgate or pre-game event for the school to pass out popcorn in. The attendees will take the megaphone with your logo, eat the popcorn and then take the lid off and use it to cheer during the game.

And don’t forget to think about the kids! When you attend sporting events, you always see kids with their parents. They’re usually bright-eyed and very excited to watch their favorite team defeat their opponents. Many games I’ve attended have a table with pom poms, necklaces, keychains and boom sticks for kids to take with them. Kids absolutely love this kind of stuff and will treasure it for a long time after the game. What about a light-up necklace or noise maker?

If you don’t want to choose a team or have an office-divided (fans of rivalry teams working at the same office!), consider giving out a custom basketball to clients and employees you know love college basketball. You could display them in the office until you give them out as prizes for the winning March Madness brackets (incentives like this are great for office morale!).

here are so many ways to reach a very dedicated fan base during college basketball season. Do not let this opportunity go to waste! When the stadium erupts in cheers, make it your logo they’re waving around in victory. Let us help you turn loyal basketball fans into loyal fans of your business.

If you like one of the ideas listed above or would like more information on another product, visit

These ideas also work for other sports!! We have great options for football, baseball, soccer, golf and many other sports!!

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