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Put Yourself on Your Clients’ Calendars: Get and Keep Attention 365 Days a Year!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

If you’re like me, you use your calendar for everything. Every year, I search for the PERFECT calendar because I know it’s going to be an important part of my life for 365 days! The calendar app on my phone doesn’t do what I need it to – it has to be a printed calendar I can write in. I’m not the only person who feels so strongly about using a printed calendar, either!! According to this PPAI study, 50% of people have never used the calendar function on their cell phone. This means massive opportunity to put your brand in your customers’ daily lives in the form of a calendar!

Calendars are usually a once-a-year purchase. You can never have enough pens, mugs and koozies but once all of my important dates are in my calendar, I don’t want to go through and re-write them just because I find another calendar. This means that whatever calendar your customers’ get in their hands first is the one they’re going to use all year. That said; don’t wait until December to start thinking about it because you want to be the first to put a calendar in their hands!

There are so many options when it comes to calendars, you can meet almost every customers’ need!! From planners to wall calendars to an electronic media calendar (how cool is this?!) each company can find something that appeals to their client base!

Below, you’ll find statistics about how calendars compare to other media like magazine, radio and TV ads. You’ll also see 10 reasons to add calendars to your marketing mix

Let us help you reach your customers every day of the year!!

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