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The “Imagination Difference” (Blog 2 of 5)

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

This is the second blog in our “Imagination Difference” series. In this series, we’re going in depth to look at the Imagination Difference! Along with the personal relationship you have with your brand manager, here are a few other things you get with us that set us apart:

  • Our in-house Art Center

  • Creating customized online stores

  • Providing clients with creative campaigns

  • We quote everything on the front end giving you the all-in price. No surprises!

  • We receive special pricing from over 1000 factories that we pass on to our customers

We’ve already discussed how important it is to have a partner when working on the art and design for your promotional items. With a good partner, you can add even more creativity to your ideas, resulting in a unique product or campaign that allows your business to stand out from the rest! We also talked about our in-house art and creative department, and the benefits it provides to our clients. Read more about partnering with Imagination and our Art Center here. Now, let’s look at another piece of the Imagination difference our clients love- online stores!

Today’s world is a world of convenience. There are services that can deliver food right to your door, we have massive amounts of information at our fingertips, and soon we could have drones dropping off our Amazon packages! So, shouldn’t your promotional products also be convenient for your customers or employees to order day or night, 24/7/365? We think so, and can make that a reality with an online company store.

Our stores create one central source for all your promotional products to maintain brand integrity. Additionally, your organization can order branded merchandise sourced from many different vendors with a wide range of product offerings, but with your online store, you’ll maintain the one interface and maintain the same brand experience for your organization. These stores have many useful features and a very robust e-commerce platform. Below you can see some examples of our current client stores:

If you’d like more information on an online store or would like to see if your company would be a good fit for an ecommerce store, you can give us a call or visit our website!

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