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Team Imagination Shines Under Pressure

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

At Imagination, we do everything physically possible to always say “yes” to our clients. Sometimes that means we have to make mountains move or jump through rings of fire to make our clients’ desires come to life, but if we can make it happen, we do.

We really believe the secret to making incredible things happen for our clients is within the great team we’ve got. Throughout the years we’ve had some great opportunities to show off our abilities as we went above and beyond to make the impossible happen. Recently, we’ve had two great opportunities to let Team Imagination shine in this area. We got a call on a Tuesday for 36,000 buttons to be printed, shipped to Imagination, separated into different quantities, repackaged and shipped to 4,800 locations…all within 4 business days. The buttons had to be in our clients’ hands at each location by Friday so we got to work immediately.

Having great vendor partners is a key to success as well. We called our vendor and they said they could print all of the buttons in 24 hours. To make it happen, we called in the best of the best…our own team. Our Nashville office made themselves available for one full day and we got it done. Two days, 36,000 buttons and a LOT of teamwork is all it took to make our clients happy. And guess what – we were thrilled to do it!!

Another great example involves our custom gift basket department. We were asked to produce 5,500 gift baskets to be designed, approved, built, packaged and shipped in time for Christmas. From the date of the call we had a total of 19 days to make this happen, two of which were for the approval process. Add on another 5 days to receive product. With only 12 days left, we pulled out all the stops and completed the project in 7 days!!

Amy, our basket designer, tirelessly watched over the entire production making sure every location receiving the gift would be impressed. And these are only the recent examples. We’ve had so many opportunities to let Team Imagination shine under pressure! We LOVE the challenge of being able to do these projects for our clients. Imagination will produce projects that others won’t even consider!

If we can do it, we do – even if it means staying late or working over the weekend. If it is at all humanly possible, we say yes to every client, every time. It’s the Imagination way!

How can Team Imagination shine for your marketing project? We’d love to partner with you to make you and your team look incredible. Visit to explore ways we can work together!

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