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T-Shirts Tell Your Brand’s Story

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

How many t-shirts do you have in your closet? Personally, I probably have at least 50 t-shirts. I’ve gone through them so many times, desperately trying to get rid of some – ANY – of them, but I just can’t part with them! Each one holds special meaning. That may sound crazy, but let me explain.

What about your closet? Think about the t-shirts you have. Did you go to the mall to buy them? Probably not in most circumstances. Instead, you probably ran a 5K and got a performance shirt for participating. Maybe you joined an after work soccer league and you received t-shirts when you won the league championship. If you went to college, you almost definitely have at least one shirt you got for free for attending a basketball game or spirit rally or other school sponsored event. (College students will do almost anything for a free t-shirt, right?!) And maybe the favorites in your collection are from those concerts you attended and wanted to commemorate with a t-shirt. I’ve got you reminiscing now, don't I?

I have t-shirts that fit in each of these categories, each with a different memory of a different experience or accomplishment. My favorite is a super soft black tee from a Jonas Brothers concert in 2007 (you can judge me later). The concert was probably one of the best memories from my high school experience and I love telling the story! My dad took the day off work, pulled me out of school and drove me four hours to see my favorite band where I got to meet them! The t-shirt starts a conversation and it takes me back – plus it’s soft, super comfortable and the imprint is still recognizable almost 10 years later.

So what? So what does that mean? Why does it matter? Why am I telling you about a Jonas Brothers concert I went to in high school? Well, because if I’m telling you about my Jonas Brother’s t-shirt and how dear it is to me, just think of the memories your clients and employees might be holding onto!

I’ve had conversations with people who say t-shirts are just “the same old thing” and uninteresting pieces that people end up donating. Well, my answer to those people is this: every branded item sends a message to your audience. Your goal is for them to make that message part of their story. T-shirts are the perfect way to do this!!!

How do I make my t-shirt part of their story? Sure, your audience already has t-shirts for (and from) every occasion. But they’ll make room in their closet (and their hearts) for a new t-shirt if it’s the right one. To make sure your t-shirt is something your clients and employees want to keep, you can do one of several things.

  1. Make it quality. Give them a quality t-shirt they’ll never want to take off. A soft tee with your logo or message is perfect for running errands, going to the gym or just lounging around the house. No matter what they’re doing, if the shirt is comfortable your audience will want to wear it.

  2. Make it stylish. We all have basic white t-shirts with a one color, one location imprint. They serve a purpose, and yes – they have sentiment attached to them but thinking a little outside the box will guarantee your shirt a home in your audience’s closet for a long time. Give your female audience something with a more feminine and flattering cut and you’ll guarantee they’ll want to keep it! Put a t-shirt in their hands that has something different that falls in line with what’s selling in retail and you’ll guarantee people will want to wear it over and over. The options are endless!

  3. Make it creative. Instead of an imprint on the left chest, why not the sleeve? Or maybe a hip area imprint? Instead of a full back imprint, why not keep it simple and put your logo or tagline just under the hem of the neck. These decoration locations are impactful and eye-catching and they’re different than what everyone else is doing. Stand out from the crowd and make your shirt something people don’t have so they’ll want to keep it.

T-shirts are no longer simply a utility. Now, they’re a vessel for you to tell your brand’s story and to become part of your audience’s story. The right t-shirt will give your brand’s story the staying power you want and the visibility you need.

We’d love to help you tell your story with t-shirts that fit your brand and your message. Contact us today – use our Imagination to tell your story!

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