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Show Your Clients Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and is a great opportunity to show your special someone how much they mean to you. So, let this be a reminder (looking at you gentlemen) to make that dinner reservation, find those flowers, and write that hand-written note that says how much you care.

It is also important to not forget that Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show someone else some love… Your clients! Stressed out already? Don’t worry, Imagination Branding has you covered. Below you will find just a few of many great options we can offer to show your clients you are thinking about them too. However, these gifts just happen to include your logo!

Stress Relievers

What better way to show some love than with a heart-shaped stress reliever? These Valentine’s Day hearts are available in a multitude of colors and can include your logo on both the front and back.


Everybody loves chocolate, especially on Valentine’s Day! These milk chocolate hearts are available with red or pink foil, and your artwork can be printed on a label and applied to the back.

More Chocolate

Feeling more fancy than foil hearts? Check out the Chocolate Fantasy, an elegant pillow-top gift box filled with English Butter Toffee, Pecan Turtles, and Chocolate Covered Almonds. A brown satin ribbon ties it all together that includes a foil stamp of your logo in white. This sophisticated gift will be hard to beat!


These popular tumblers are something your client will use every day, always reminding them of how much you care. The tumblers shown below are made of stainless steel and are double wall insulated. They also can be done in single or full color printing making your logo look its best. Include a Valentine’s Day card to tie in the product with the occasion!


Want to keep your clients warm and cozy? Take a look at these Field & Co. Plaid Sherpa Blankets. Add your logo and include a Valentine’s Day card, and you’ve got a supper soft and cozy branding item that also provides luxurious comfort!

No matter what item you choose for your clients on Valentine’s Day, don’t miss out on this opportunity to brand your company and show your appreciation at the same time. If you’d like more Valentine’s Day options for your clients, let us know! Visit to see our online store and to request a quote.

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