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Put Their Parties to Work: How to make your clients your brand ambassadors while they entertain

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

When was the last time you went to a party? I’m going to guess it wasn’t too long ago. Do you remember how many bottles of wine were opened? How many beers were poured? Or how many selfies were taken? It seems like these are recurring themes at any party you go to. So, can you imagine the effect it would have for your brand if your logo was featured on these integral parts of a party?

Here at Imagination Branding, we thrive on helping our clients choose from the endless possibilities of items to brand that best fit their mission and the message they want to send. We also help you find products that your clients will love which makes spreading your brand comfortable and not forced. Worried about a tight budget? No problem! We can work with you and find the very best for your money.

So, here are some great examples of how we can help you put their parties to work!

All Things Wine!!

Imagine how many bottles of wine are opened at dinner parties, house warmings, or even Grey’s Anatomy watch parties. Give your clients this electronic wine opener with your logo on it and they’ll bring it to every party they go to! And every time they open a bottle of wine, everyone in the room will see your brand!

Is your client on the classy side? If so, they’ll love having this sleek and modern wine cooler at their next get together! You can actually etch your logo into the stainless-steel body!

You can’t forget the wine glasses! It’s a great twist on the normal branded drinkware and doesn’t look cheap. But there’s something even more special about these glasses. These are PubWARE glasses which look and feel like glass but are virtually indestructible! Your clients will want to use these at ALL their parties to avoid any of the party goers ruining their special glassware!

For the Beer Lovers:

With microbreweries becoming so popular, people love bringing their new favorite flavor to a party! Give your clients this reusable growler and they’ll fill it up before heading off to any BYOB gathering.

You can also get PubWARE pint glasses! So, your clients won’t have to worry about any shattered glass at their parties! They might even love theirs so much that they bring their own glass to a party.

Looking to give your clients something really different to bring to parties? Try this bottle opener phone case! It’s unique enough that everyone will want to try it and they’ll see your logo every time!


Always a party classic, balloons are a great way to show your company colors or the special theme of the party if you’re hosting a company gathering or event. They’re a fun way to decorate and kids love to take them home! The party (and your logo) goes home with them!

Do It For the Selfie!

We all know people love taking pictures to post on social media, especially at a party!

Selfie sticks are great at parties because everyone wants to be in the picture! Your guests will see your logo every time they take a selfie at the party AND after!

In the spirit of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie… if you give party goers a selfie stick, they may want some selfie props to go with it. Choose some that display your brand so that when they post them on social media, your message gets out beyond the guests at the party! Plus, taking silly pictures lightens the mood and relaxes guests and they’ll definitely want to take them home and use them at their next party!

If you really love these ideas or even have ideas of your own, let us help you make your next party memorable! Visit or call us at 615-255-5688.

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