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PPW Week 2017

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Did you know that 76.2% of consumers surveyed can recall the name of the advertiser, the product or service advertised, and identify the type of promotional product they received in the last two years? This is because PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS WORK! That’s why this entire week is dedicated to celebrating promo products with fact with stats, stories, and more!

We are also holding a special giveaway this week! Just tag us in a short message about why promotional products work for your business along with a photo, and you will be entered to win one of three Titan coolers with your logo on it!

In addition to using PPW Week as a chance to show you what promotional products can do for your business, we want to show you that Imagination Branding works too! We pride ourselves on the, “Imagination Difference” that sets us apart from all the rest. Below is some great feedback we have gotten from our clients!

In addition to some great client feedback that we have received, there are also a few more things that make Imagination better than the rest!

At Imagination, you are guaranteed to work with a real person who can hear your concerns and act quickly. Each one of our clients is paired with their own brand manager who they can work with on their promotional product campaign. We do this because we know that having a partner to work with is essential to making your brand look its best! It also makes the experience of ordering promotional items much easier not dealing with impersonal online ordering. One client in particular expressed this when they said, “Imagination Specialties is the best vendor to work with, customer support and relations are amazingly attentive and helpful. We have had a few occasions that we needed something in a rush and we had a reply same afternoon! I wouldn’t use any other vendor, we couldn’t be happier with variety, quality, and cost! THANK YOU!”

Below is some more feedback from one of our top clients:

How is the response time from the team at Imagination Branding? Always, extremely responsive!

Have you experienced any issues and how were they resolved? Not to my knowledge. If an order is placed incorrectly by the user, IB will do whatever is necessary to make it right for the customer.

Would you recommend Imagination Branding and why? Absolutely! Jan and team have a long-standing partnership with [our company] and are phenomenal to work with. They are our favorite go-to vendor for anything we need – across all sales channels – on premiums and [company] branded items.

We can’t wait to share more about promotional products and the “Imagination Difference” with you throughout PPW Week! Also- don’t forget to tell us why promotional products work for your business and enter to win a custom Titan cooler! Stay up to date on our social media, and as always, if you would like more information about getting a quote give us a call or visit our website!

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