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The “Imagination Difference” (Blog 3 of 5)

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Welcome to the third blog in our “Imagination Difference” series. In this series, we’re going in depth to look at the Imagination Difference! Here are just a few things that you get with Imagination that set us apart:

  • Our in-house Art Center

  • Creating customized online stores

  • Providing clients with creative campaigns

  • We quote everything on the front end giving you the all-in price. No surprises!

  • We receive special pricing from over 1000 factories that we pass on to our customers

Thus far, we have discussed the importance of a partner when working on the art and design for your promotional items. With a good partner, you can add even more creativity to your ideas, resulting in a unique product or campaign that allows your business to stand out from the rest! You can read more about partnering with Imagination and our Art Center here. We have also talked about our online stores, and how they are a must in today’s world of convenience. Our stores create one central source for all your promotional products to maintain brand integrity, and you can read more about them here. For this part of the series, we would like to talk about the creative campaigns that our Brand Managers bring to our clients!

Everyone has seen that one marketing campaign that makes them say, “I wish I thought of that!” Maybe because it is unique, funny, or just effective, you know that it would have been perfect for your brand and it’s a shame that you didn’t think of it first. Don’t worry though, we have good news- That is why we are here! Every single one of our customers at Imagination are paired with one of our Brand Managers, who then work with them through the process of finding the perfect items, logos, tag lines, etc. to make their brand stand out among the rest. Below you can see some examples of what we are talking about:

Century Link

This project was done for CenturyLink’s Circle of Excellence Club. Members that won their annual incentive trip received this announcement gift. In includes a nice beach towel, a Custom Toddy Wedge, an embroidered visor, a beach/sand cup holder, some native snack food to Hawaii, and a custom card.


This gift package was done for Journey’s and was titled, “The Hangover Survival Kit.”


These gifts were put together for Maybelline. All of the gifts pictured fit into a stylish backpack, and were sent to Maybelline’s “It Girls.”

As always, if you would like more information about having your own creative campaign, give us a call or visit our website!

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