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Attract the Best Employees with Promotional Products!

LinkedIn and other social networking sites are great for networking and finding employment. Those who are active on these platforms are constantly receiving emails and notifications for new job openings or tips on how to grow their network. These sites can also play a major role from the other side- recruitment. Millions of potential employees profile themselves online each year, and great candidates can be found through job posting boards. However, since the social networking world is constantly expanding, what makes the position that you are offering more appealing than the hundreds of other positions that have also been posted?

Sure, if the job you are offering is appealing and relevant to the skillset of those you are targeting, you will receive plenty of responses. The problem is, some of those responses will be unqualified applicants inquiring on anything and everything. In reality, you are looking for the absolute best! We may have a solution… You guessed it, promotional products!

As we hear from PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), adding a promotional product to the media mix increases the effectiveness of other media by up to 44 percent! Why not take advantage of this by offering promotional products to potential employees? By doing so, you could have the potential to attract the cream of the crop in your field by creating a more favorable impression of your company. After all, even though the candidates are being interviewed for the position, they are also interviewing the company from their perspective. Receiving a pad folio, a keychain, or something as simple as a pen or a notepad during an in-person interview could be the difference between someone accepting or denying a position because of the perceived company culture. Or, if you really wanted to make your company stand out, direct mailing of promotional products would give a great impression to potential employees!

In today’s digital world, direct mail is becoming a lost art. It has become so rare, in fact, that people are finding greater potential for response from direct mail because it catches the attention of the receiver. Imagine you have applied for a position and scheduled an interview, then received a branded pad folio and pen in the mail a few days before to take with you. Who wouldn’t want to work for that company? They are clearly very thoughtful about their employees! Another option might be sending out a promotional item post interview as a way of saying, “Thank you for your time!” or “It was nice to meet you, we will be in touch!” As we hear from PPAI, “eighty-nine percent of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they received in the last two years.” That being said, even in if the applicant did not receive the position, sending a promotional product would still give your company a positive image, and they would keep you in mind if still looking for a position in the future.

This blog only scratched the surface of the benefits promotional products can have with potential employees. However, we hope that it gave you some ideas on how to attract the best employees for your business! For more ideas/ inquiries about your promotional product needs give us a call, or visit our website!

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