• Jan Nathanson

Unique Promotional Items for the Kitchen

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Most of us have unique promotional items in one form or another, in our offices and our homes. They usually have the logo or brand of a company adorning them, sometimes including a tagline, and they are designed to remind us of that company’s products or services each time that we use or see the items. There’s no denying promotional products work. They are time tested. They provide excellent value per advertising impression. This is especially true of unique promotional items that designed for use in daily living. Unique promotional items that are useful will be touched and seen multiple times throughout the week and are sure to leave multiple brand impressions.

There is no place more suited to a host of useful and unique promotional items than the kitchen. Think of the sheer number of everyday kitchen items that can also be unique promotional items. Spatulas, spoons, strainers, knives, forks, pizza cutters, cake tools, garlic presses, salt and pepper shakers, hot pads, oven mitts, cutting boards, storage containers, aprons, recipe books—these are just a few of the many possibilities for truly useful promotional product opportunities.

Think drink, too. From pitchers to tumblers to cups and mugs, water bottles and even high-end wine glasses, beverage glasses and even water bottles—all of these would make great promotional gifts. There are so many opportunities to provide useful and unique promotional items in the kitchen! Let your imagination run wild and you’ll think of even more, as well as many different and tasteful ways to decorate these useful promotional products.

For more creative input on applying useful and unique promotional items with lasting impressions to your marketing campaign, contact one of the branding experts at Imagination Branding. Visit the Imagination Branding website at You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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